For Monitoring Ground Displacement

Damage due to ground displacement related geohazards cost many of the world's economies more money than hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, and floods combined

Manage Risks

Climate change is accelerating the risk ground displacement poses to critical infrastructure around the world. Mitigate damage to your assets by monitoring this geohazard in near real-time.

Reliable Monitoring

CATALYST Insights taps into satellite radar (SAR) constellations to cost-effectively acquire near real-time millimeter-level measurements of ground displacement around your assets.

Actionable Intel

Flexible user interface and API makes it easy for business users and technology teams to access ground displacement measurements and alerts to augment their risk management solutions.

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Manage Growing Risks

Climate change related events, such as shrink-swell, coastal erosion and flooding are testing the safety limits of our declining infrastructure, exposing owners and the public to greater risk of costly downtime, repairs, and catastrophic failures.   

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In a typical year, shrink-swell causes more damage to US property owners than hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and tornadoes combined.

Ground Displacement Monitoring

Reliable Monitoring From Space

Make Better Decisions, Faster

Our near real-time ground displacement monitoring services use the latest innovations in satellite radar technology to help business users make better risk and investment decisions regarding critical infrastructure, buildings, safety ratings, loan portfolios, etc.

What You Get

  • Reliable millimeter-level measurements
  • Configure custom alerts 
  • Cost-effective monitoring of very large areas
  • Monitor almost anywhere
  • High density measurements updated regularly 
  • Historical measurements

CATALYST Insights - Ground Displacement

Actionable Intelligence For Business Users

Highly trained InSAR scientists and specialists ensure the timely delivery of accurate measurements throughout your subscription

User friendly web-app for business users to visualize and understand the risks that ground displacement poses on your assets

Simple API for integrating our ground displacement measurement data feed to augment your risk management and maintenance systems

CATALYST Insights - Ground Displacement

Learn more about the growing global risk of ground displacement

UNESCO Ground Subsidence Risk Map

Check to see if your assets are at risk by viewing the latest interactive ground subsidence (ground displacement) risk map published by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization's (UNESCO) Land Subsidence International Initiative (LaSII).

What is Shrink-Swell?

Shrink-swell is one of the most costly geohazards in the world and occurs when moisture levels within clay-rich soils change causing uplift and subsidence, which can severely damage infrastructure, and buildings. Learn more by checking out some of the great research by the British Geological Survey (BGS).

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