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The Warning Signs At The Cadia Tailings Dam

In This Mine Shift, We Look Back At The Build Up To That Day In 2018 to See What Role Remote Sensing Could Have Played In Identifying potential Ground Displacement Warning Signs ahead Of The Mine’s Routine Manual Inspections.

October 26, 2023
Aerial mage of the Cadia Tailings Dam

Late on Friday 9 March 2018, a portion of the wall connecting two tailings storage areas at the Cadia gold mine ‘slumped’.

There had been no previous warning signs or cause for concern until earlier the same day when cracks were identified and reported by the on-site team. 

Image of the Cadia Tailings mine

In this Mine Shift, we look back at the build up to that day in 2018 to see what role remote sensing could have played in identifying potential ground displacement warning signs ahead of the mine’s routine manual inspections.