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PG Ventures Harnesses CATALYST Data Through AWS Data Exchange to Build Innovative Environmental Monitoring Tool

Pg Ventures Leverages Catalyst Data Via Aws Data Exchange, Crafting A Cutting-edge Environmental Monitoring Tool.

August 25, 2022
Image of cracked wall of house destroyed during strong earthquake in Tbilisi Georgia

PG Ventures, the digital innovation arm of TSR Poland, discovered the powers of CATALYST’s ground displacement data when exploring solutions to address issues related to abandoned mines.

What followed was a collaboration – made possible through AWS Data Exchange – in which expertise, tools, opportunity, and inspiration all came together to develop a way to monitor and measure soil subsidence resulting from underground mining activities.

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Image of Cracked Walls

The Challenge:

  • Measure ground subsidence related to mining.
  • Identify potential risks of mine collapse.
  • Prevent unnecessary damage to residential and commercial property.
  • Improve safety of people in proximity to decommissioned mines.

The Solution:

  • Integration of CATALYST displacement data into The Underground Mining Damage Ground Displacement Project (UMD) via AWS Data Exchange.
  • Historical and continued monitoring mining sites.
  • Analysis ready data to measure the impact of ground displacement.

The Results:

  • Displacement data easily extracted, transformed, and loaded into owned systems.
  • Faster and more efficient queries on the data.
  • Broader environmental insights suitable for corporate, commercial, and public interest.

“The Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) data that CATALYST had wasn’t right for SCREC,”

“But we realized it could be applied to another problem—measuring ground subsidence related to mining.”

Christoph Schmidt, co-founder of PG Ventures.
Image of the Subsidence_risk_infrastructure