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Object Analyst Feasibility Study on Per Parcel Stormwater Taxation

Feasibility Study By Object Analyst For Parcel-based Stormwater Taxation.

June 29, 2021 By: CATALYST
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CATALYST has a full set of object-based image analysis (OBIA) tools that can be used to quickly and accurately extract impermeable land area on a per parcel basis. Imagery is segmented based on the shape and spectral properties of features, and training sites representing impermeable and permeable classes are collected.


Image of the impermeable land area


It was found that using CATALYST’s OBIA tools reduced processing time by 93% and generated results with 88% accuracy compared to manual digitization.


OBIA was performed on 30 residential parcels in the Eatonville neighborhood of Toronto using Geomatica Object Analyst. Generating a vector layer of impermeable area took 20 minutes total.

About Catalyst

CATALYST is a PCI Geomatics brand, which has been introduced to put our leading edge technology into the hands of decision makers.  We’re a startup – with hundreds of algorithms, scalable solutions, and decades of experience.

Image of object analyst feasibility study map

• Automated counting of aircraft • Automated monitoring of cargo facilities, train yards • Automated monitoring of shipping and docking areas • Automated vehicle counting • Monitor competitor equipment and other features of interest

Other OBIA Applications

By: CATALYSTJune 29, 2021