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EOfactory Scales Up Earth Image Processing on the Cloud

Eofactory Expands Earth Image Processing In The Cloud.

June 29, 2021 By: CATALYST
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EOfactory scales up to provide geospatial users nearly limitless image processing capabilities using CATALYST Microservices Platform.

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A nation-wide orthorectification of 10,000 images that now takes three days will be finished in five minutes with CATALYST Microservices, and it opens up the possibility to deliver not only national level information products but also global datasets.

About Catalyst

CATALYST is a PCI Geomatics brand, which has been introduced to put our leading edge technology into the hands of decision makers.  We’re a startup – with hundreds of algorithms, scalable solutions, and decades of experience.


With EOfactory, unleash the power of Earth Observation to tackle some of the most pressing issues like sustainable growth, disaster resiliency, natural resources management, foodwater-energy nexus and others.

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” was built as the world’s 1st virtual factory to allow the integration of multiple workflows to perform a routine job and churn out different types of products in agriculture, forestry, defense, infrastructure and other upcoming segments. We are now in a position to deliver huge capacities with the replication of our virtual factories globally.”

Abhay Mittal, CEO
By: CATALYSTJune 29, 2021