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Mine Shift: Coherence: The ‘Always On’ Monitoring Solution for Decision Makers

Throughout Our Mine Shift Series, We've Explored Various Traditional Applications Of Earth Observational Data In Monitoring The Safety, Efficacy, And Operational Standards Of Mines Around The World.

April 27, 2023
Image of an open cast mine

There are, though, growing applications among non-traditional industries. One of which is Coherence data.

This powerful solution, which provides near-real time monitoring of output and personnel activity levels is increasingly being used by financial decision makers, such as commodity traders.

In markets susceptible to short and long term volatilities, Coherence not only offers traders insight into investment sites but supports more confident, informed decisions.

To show it in action, we've analysed 12 months of Coherence data at three of the world's largest mines, unlocking and deciphering patterns for better decision making.