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Learn how EOfactory ai leverages CATALYST Microservices to cost effectively analyze 20 years of mangroves

March 1, 2021
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Questions & Answers

Is it possible to get a trial to the cloud microservices?

Our team of Solution Engineers are available to support you through a hands-on demonstration or trial. Contact our sales team for more information.

If I want to use 20 years of commercial data, for example, Airbus or DG, will CATALYST liaise with these data providers directly?

CATALYST Microservices will directly access both open source and commercial imagery data and include the cost into the microservice. What imagery can be accessed depends on what imagery is supported by our Microservices. 

What are the possibilities of providing local data with private cloud data?

Yes, it will be possible to access both local and cloud data through our microservices. However, what data can be accessed will depend on the individual microservice.

Are you currently working on ESA DIAS providers

Yes. We will be announcing something soon with additional ESA DIAS providers.

Do you support VHR imagery, such as planet?

CATALYST Microservices supports SAR, and optical imagery, which includes VHR imagery. Each microservice supports different imagery, depending on the process/workflow.

What Microservices do you offer?

We will be launching many new workflows and algorithms as microservices over the coming few months. Our initial focus is as follows:

- Differential InSAR
- Persistente Scatterer InSAR
- Analysis Ready Data 
- Change detection and Classification

However, we have over 750 algorithms and workflows, so contact us if there is a specific workflow or algorithms you want deployed in the cloud.

Are you planning to add Worldview to your platform?

Yes, for appropriate microservices.