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February 16, 2021
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Questions & Answers

How many people can QA and edit a mosaic at one time?

There is no upper limit. We have tested it with over 6 people connected to the same mosaic at one time effectively editing the same mosaic. 

Does CATALYST Enterprise support Oblique imagery?

Our main support is for nadir imagery

What types of capabilities do you have for editing a mosaic?

We have interactive mosaic editing for the following:

- Color balancing
- Dodging points
- Seamline editing
- seamline feathering 

We also have our Smart GeoFill tool, which provides a photoshop like solution for multi-purpose editing

What type of ortho accuracy QA tools are available?

We have automatic accuracy assessment tools for inspecting the RMSE and CEP90 of your ortho images based on overlap areas with other images in the project and to a 3rd party reference source.

What licensing options exist for CATALYST Enterprise?

CATALYST Enterprise can be licensed by core or by server. Furthermore, you can purchase permanent (perpetual) licenses or subscribe to a month-by-month or annual licenses

What deployment options are available for CATALYST Enterprise?

CATALYST Enterprise can be deployed on premise or on the cloud. 

Lately, more customers are preferring to deploy on the cloud to take advantage of the hardware scalability. This makes it easier for them to scale up and down with their demand

What Aerial workflows are available for CATALYST Enterprise?

The most popular workflows include:

- Ortho-mosaicking
- DEM extraction
- Change detection

However, a variety of other workflows, including custom workflows can also be implemented.