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How a leading space agency is preparing their satellite imagery for the future of analytics

May 28, 2021 By: Kevin Jones
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Questions & Answers

Will SANSA's SPOT ARD data only be accessible in the Data Cube

The main goal is to make it accessible for government agency and private government contractors to access via a data cube. However, there are options to access the data outside of the data cube.

Who can access SANSA's SPOT ARD imagery

Right now, the ARD will be made available to South African government agencies and private contractors for the government. This policy may change in the future. 

What sensors are support for Analysis Ready Data

Most major commercial and public optical satellite sensors are supported. Some initial sensor specific modeling and effort may be required to support future sensors.

How does the CARD4L Standard Compare to other ARD standards

The CARD4L standard is governed by CEOS, the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites, which was established in 1984 by under the aegis of the G7 Economic Summit. It includes participation from 100s of leading EO satellite nations and is determined to set an international standard for quality and inter-operability.

By: Kevin JonesMay 28, 2021