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CATALYST Microservices is our library of workflows and algorithms that are implemented on major cloud providers to automate and simplify the user experience and data acquisition, eliminate costly waste, and automatically scale to minimize project duration.

The smarter way to process earth imagery on the cloud

CATALYST Microservices solves one of the biggest barriers to the commercialization of information derived from Earth imagery… How to cost-effectively process the many petabytes of Earth imagery at scale.

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CapabilityDescriptionSensor SupportCloud Support
Displacement Mapping (millimeter precision)Reliably detect millimeter precision ground movement using a sophisticated Small Baseline Subset Synthetic Aperture Interferometry (SBAS-InSAR) technique on a stack of InSAR compatible imagesSAR

Displacement Mapping (centimeter precision)Calculate ground movement with centimeter precision from as few as 2 InSAR compatible imageSAR

Analysis Ready Data (ARD)Analysis Ready Data (ARD) is the result of converting satellite image pixels into highly-accurate interoperable scientific measurements. This allows for immediate analysis with minimal additional processing. The CATALST ARD workflow consists of a rigorous geometric correction, radiometric normalization, quality assessment and product packaging based on the CARD4L specifications Satellite

Automatic OrthorectificationDesigned to maximize automation, accuracy, and precision, our orthorectification workflows for satellite, SAR, and aerial imagery are packed with the top image matching, self-camera calibration, bundle adjustments, and model refinement algorithms of today.Satellite, Aerial, SAR

Automatic MosaickingOur mosaicking workflow consists of sophisticated automation to balance colors, and create seamless edges from gigabytes to petabytes of satellite, aerial and SAR ortho imagerySatellite, Aerial, SAR

Super RegistrationA common problem with Ortho-images from different archives and projects is that they do not align with one another, which impedes analysis. Super registration can align satellite with aerial and or UAV archives so that they align with geometric accuracies as high as 1/10th of a pixelSatellite, Aerial, SAR

True OrthorectificationAutomatically remove building lean and create a nadir (top-down) ortho image from overlapping aerial imagery and a DSMAerial

DEM (DSM) ExtractionWe use a semi-global matching technique to calculate elevation measurements from multiple viewing angles and compares the measurements against one another using a sophisticated algorithm to determine the most accurate measurement for each pixel in your DEM.Satellite, Aerial, SAR

DTM FilteringAutomatically remove surface features such as buildings and trees, while preserving terrain features, such as slopesSatellite, Aerial, SAR

Image TilingTile very large images to more reasonable sizes for improved data storage and streamingSatellite, Aerial, SAR

Autmospheric CorrectionUses ATCOR to remove atmospheric, terrain and BRDF effects in imagery Satellite

Haze RemovalMinimize the impact of haze in pixels with an empirical approachSatellite

Cloud MaskingAutomatically and accurately identify and cloud masks for improved analysis, mosaicking and image compositingSatellite

PansharpeningCreate a multispectral with the detail and resolution of the associated panchromatic image pairSatellite, Aerial

Scientific Image FusionMRA fusion creates a stunning pansharpened image, that preserves the spectral integrity of the image bands making it perfect for image compositing, spectral analysis and time-series analysiSatellite

Data TransformationReproject, resample, convert file formats and enhance imagerySatellite, Aerial, SAR

GCP CollectionAutomatically collect and refine ground control points against a reference imageSatellite, Aerial, UAV
Bundle AdjustmentAutomatically collect tie points to align adjacent images in a projectSatellite, Aerial, UAV
Satellite OrthorectificationOrthorectify satellite imagery using the most accurate supporting modelSatellite
Airphoto OrthorectificationOrthorectify digital, UAV, analog or pushbroom airphotosAerial, UAV
True OrthorectificationCreate True Orthorectified images from multiple overlapping images of Aerial and UAV imagesAerial, UAV
SAR OrthorectificationOrthorectify SAR imageryRadar
DEM ExtractionExtract 3D digital elevation models (DEM) and digital surface models (DSM) using semi global matchingSatellite, Aerial, UAV
Digital Terrain Model FilteringCreate digital terrain models (DTM) by filtering out surface features from DSMs or DEMsDEM
Super RegistrationAlign any image to 1/10th of a pixel accuracySatellite, Aerial, UAV
SAR DEM Extraction (Stereo) Extract 3D DEMs from SAR stereo imageryRadar
Mosaic Seamline Generation Automatically calculate the best path for seamlines to eliminate visible seamsSatellite, Aerial, UAV
Mosaic Colour Balancing Automatically balance the color of all images in a mosaicking projectSatellite, Aerial, UAV
Mosaic Tiling Automatically tile a mosaic for easier storageSatellite, Aerial, UAV
Mosaic PreviewGenerate a low resolution mosaic preview for quality assuranceSatellite, Aerial, UAV
Principle Component AnalysisReduce dimensionality and improve classification with eigen decompositionSatellite, Aerial, UAV
Texture Measurement Analyse the texture of features in imagesSatellite, Aerial, UAV, Radar, DEM
Atmospheric CorrectionConvert satellite DN values to ground reflectance using a physical modelSatellite
Haze Removalreduce the visual and scientific impact of haze in satellite imagesSatellite
Cloud MaskingAutomatically mask cloudsSatellite
Spectral Pre Classification Preclassify pixels using Modis data for improved modellingSatellite
PansharpeingPanchromatic sharpening to increase the resolution of multispectral imagesSatellite
Image FusionScientific method to increase multispectral resolution using a panchromatic pair that maintains the radiometric integrity of the multispectral image Satellite
MaskingCreate custom masks for inclusion or exclusion in modeling, analysis and mosaickingSatellite, Aerial, UAV, Radar, DEM
FilteringLow and high pass filteringSatellite, Aerial, UAV, Radar, DEM
ReprojectingChange the geographic coordinate systems and projections of imagery and vectorsSatellite, Aerial, UAV, Radar, DEM
Image EnhancingEnhance the histogram of imagesSatellite, Aerial, UAV, Radar, DEM
Morpholocical OperationsDissolve and erode pixel mask boundaries (bitmaps)Satellite, Aerial, UAV, Radar, DEM
ResamplingResample imagery/rasters to higher or lower resolutionsSatellite, Aerial, UAV, Radar, DEM
Object-based classificationObject-based image classification using advanced machine learning algorithmsSatellite, Aerial, UAV, Radar, DEM
Feature extractionObject and pixel feature extraction using machine learning and heuristicsSatellite, Aerial, UAV, Radar, DEM
Change Detection Object and pixel-based image change detectionSatellite, Aerial, UAV, Radar, DEM
Vegetation Analysis Over 30 different vegetation indices for RGB and MS imagerySatellite, Aerial, UAV
Image statisticsCollect and chart statistics from imagery, such as histogramsSatellite, Aerial, UAV, Radar, DEM
Pixel-based classificationClassify and cluster image pixels using supervised and unsupervised machine learning techniquesSatellite, Aerial, UAV
Lineament ExtractionExtract linear features from an imageSatellite, Aerial, UAV, Radar, DEM
Vector AnalysisIntersection, overlay, neighborhoodVector
Deformation Analysis Measure up to millimeter precision ground deformation (ground movement) from SAR pairs using InSARRadar
SAR OrthorectificationOrthorectify SAR imageryRadar
SAR DEM Extraction (InSAR)Extract 3D DEMs from SAR imagery using InSARRadar
SAR DEM Extraction (Stereo) Extract 3D DEMs from SAR stereo imageryRadar
SAR Change DetectionChange detection using phase, amplitude and or coherence from single, dual, full and compact Polarimetric SAR imageryRadar
Compact PolarimetrySupport for compact polarimetry workflowsRadar
SAR filtersA variety of specialized filters for SAR imageryRadar

SAR Object Based Classification

Object-based image classification using advanced machine learning algorithmsRadar
Geometric CorrectionFully automated geometric correction based on CARD4L specificationsSatellite
Radiometric CorrectionFully automated radiometric correction based on CARD4L specificationsSatellite
Image FusionMulti-resolution Analysis for scientific pansharpening. This technique retains the spectral fidelity of the MS image during the pansharpening processSatellite

CARD4L Product Packaging

Metadata, report and file format creation basd on CARD4L specificationsSatellite
File ConversionConvert imagery between popular file formatsSatellite, Aerial, UAV, Radar, DEM
Data ConversionConvert bit-depth, interleaving and moreSatellite, Aerial, UAV, Radar, DEM
Bitmap and Vector ConversionsConvert between bitmaps, points, lines and polygonsVector
Data MergeCombines multiple bands from several files into a singe file by using the georeferencing of the source filesSatellite, Aerial, UAV, Radar, DEM
ReprojectingChange the geographic coordinate systems and projections of imagery and vectorsSatellite, Aerial, UAV, Radar, DEM

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