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Monitoring Ground Movement Risk with State-of-the-art InSAR

June 29, 2021
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Uplift and subsidence are ground displacements that can put dangerous strain on critical infrastructure, such as pipelines, buildings, dams, and roadways. To facilitate affordable, repetitive monitoring of millimeter-level ground movement, we have unveiled a new InSAR workflow called Small-baseline Subset Persistent Scatterer Interferometry (SBAS-PSI) in our CATALYST solutions. 

Why Monitor Ground Movement?

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Ground displacement is a subtle danger usually invisible to the naked eye. As the terrain sinks or rises by just a few centimeters per year, physical strain is put on nearby structures which may show no outward signs of damage until the breaking point is reached. Ground displacement can compromise the integrity of buildings, transportation networks, pipelines, dams, mines and slopes, which can result in costly downtime, property damage, and loss of life.