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AUTOMATED Analysis Ready Data (ARD) workflows for COMMERCIAL sensors

December 17, 2020
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Questions & Answers

Does the ARD workflow exist in Catalyst Professional in Modeler and/or Python?

All core technology required to build an ARD workflow is available in CATALYST Professional. However, there is a tremendous amount of intelligence and heuristics that was researched and developed for ARD Enterprise to streamline and automate the entire procedure.

Is this ARD workflow intended to be available as a Micro service?

Yes, it is our intention to make the ARD workflow available through microservices.

Could you give an example what is included in your data pipeline to get ARD products?

Our ARD workflow is designed for most commercial and open source satellite optical sensors. The processing pipeline includes processes for geometric correction, radiometric normalization and packaging according to CARD4L specifications.

Can the generated ARD images be imported and used in Open Data Cube direclty?

Yes, we have tools that allow you to index your processed data to move it to the open data cube. 

I noticed in the demo that PAN and MS images were sourced. How do you treat those PAN images with respect to MS imagery.

To process the PAN imagery we use the MS imagery to simulate the radiometric characteristics from the MS image. We can also create pansharpened ARD images using Multi-Resolution Analysis (MRA) image fusion, which maintains the radiometric fidelity, ensuring the measurements are suitable for analysis.

What is the space and time resolution you can reach

The spatial and temporal limits are defined by your available datasets.