Running thinning, refinement, or both and results

After you have set up point thinning, refinement, or both, you are ready to run the process.

Tip: If necessary, you can rerun the process with different settings, as described in the following procedure. For example, you can run two separate refinement processes to compare the results of each.

To run thinning, refinement, or both

  1. Click Run.

    A window appears, showing the processing steps and, subsequently, the results. At any time during processing, you can click Stop to end the process.

  2. On completion of processing, and after reviewing the results, click Close to return to the Point Thinning and Refinement window.

    Under Residual Summary, the residuals are updated with the results of the thinning, refinement, or both. You can compare the values to the residuals before you ran the process and determine whether you want to accept the refinement.

  3. Do any of the following:
    • To accept the results, click Accept Changes.

      The project is updated with the new information.

    • To rerun thinning or refinement with different settings, return to Setting up point thinning or Setting up point refinement, as applicable, and then make the changes you want.
    • To return to the Point Thinning and Refinement window, click Close.

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