Connecting to a new external data source

In various CATALYST Professional programs, you can click Remote Data in the File Selector window to open compatible data from the following databases, services, and more:
  • ArcGIS Server
    • ArcGIS example:
  • Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF
    • Example: https://ExampleServer/SomeFile.tif
  • WMTS - Web Map Tile Service
    • USGS world example:
  • WMS - Web Map Service
    • OSM world example:
    • OSM world example:
    • Canada example:
  • WCS - Web Coverage Service
  • WFS - Web Feature Service
  • URL - Uniform Resource Locator
  • PostGIS

You can copy any of the preceding example server addresses, and then paste it in the Server box in the Remote Data Wizard window.

Note: The addresses are subject to change without notice.

After you successfully obtain data from the external data source, the connection information you enter is saved in Connection Manager.

To connect to a new external data source

  1. In the File Selector window, click Remote Data.

    The Remote Data Wizard window appears.

  2. In the Connection box, enter a name for the connection, if necessary.

    While it is not mandatory to enter a name, doing so helps you connect faster next time. That is, the name you enter appears as the connection name in Connection Manager, which stores all of the information you need to connect to the server, such as the type and the specific server address of the data source. If you do not name your connection, a system-generated name will be applied, by default.

  3. In the Server type box, select the type of data source you want.
  4. In the Server box, type or select the name of the server.
  5. If the server requires you to log in, do the following:
    1. Select the Login check box.
    2. In the User name box, type your user name.
    3. In the Password box, type your password.
    4. To save the user name and password with the connection information in Connection Manager, select the Remember login check box.
  6. Click Next or Finish.

    Finish will be available only for server types that do not offer additional choices.

    For most server types, the next page of the wizard appears relevant to the data-source type. See the appropriate topic under Related tasks according to the data-source type.

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