Selecting data from a PostGIS (PostgreSQL) database

Using the PostGIS Data Selection window of the Remote Data Wizard, you can select raster and vector data stored in a PostGIS database.

You can also use SQL conditions to query the PostgreSQL/PostGIS database and refine your choice of data. The query provides conditions that must be met. All data that satisfy the conditions are returned to CATALYST Professional. In the Restrict with SQL condition box, you enter a WHERE clause, which is appended to a full-query request. For more information about SQL, see the PostgreSQL documentation.

  1. Complete the steps of Connecting to a new external data source.
  2. In the Database list, click the PostGIS database to which you want access.
    Note: The list includes all of the databases to which you have access from your PostGIS account (except some system and maintenance databases).
  3. In the Table list, click the table to which you want access.
    Note: The list contains data that was added previously to PostGIS by running the CATALYST Professional FEXPORT algorithm.
  4. In the Geo field list, click the field name from the table that contains the geospatial data that you want to open.
    Note: The list applies to vectors only, and is available only when the table you selected has at least one geometry field.
  5. In the Fields box (if available), select the additional fields that you want to include in the attribute table associated with the layer, and then click to clear the fields that you do not want to include.
  6. To create a subset of the area, select Restrict to area of interest, and then do the following:
    • In the Upper left boxes, type the x and y coordinates for the upper-left corner of the extents in decimal degrees or degrees, minutes, and seconds (DMS).
    • In the Lower right boxes, type the x and y coordinates for the bottom-right corner of the extents.
    Note: Restrict to area of interest is available only when the table was created with a spatial index (geometry column).
  7. To limit the data using SQL, select the Restrict with SQL condition check box, and then in the WHERE box, type the SQL statement to complete the "Where" clause.
    Tip: When you select pci_raster in the Table list, you can select an individual raster without opening the full pci_raster table by using the SQL statement, layer_name=value, where layer_name is the actual field name and value is the value of the record.
  8. Click Finish.

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