The COMMENT_CHARS descriptor defines the characters used as comment indicators, in addition to the exclamation mark (!). These are defined in the same manner as the SEPARATOR_CHARS.

The COMMENT_CHAR descriptor is the same as the COMMENT_CHARS descriptor.


    GAV data file               GAV schema file entry
    _____________               _____________________

    ! --- GAV Data ---          COMMENT_CHARS: "#@"
    # This file contains only   
    # X,Y,Z data.

    @ Start of data:
    1 2 3
    2 3 4               
    3 4 5               

This example shows comment lines in the data file indicated with the default exclamation mark (!), the pound (#) character, and the at (@) character.

The COMMENT_CHARS descriptor in the schema file defines the latter two as acceptable comment characters.

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