SPANS quadtree (MAP)

Long name SPANS Raster Quadtree
Short name MAP
File extension(s) .map

SPANS quadtree format is the format for the Tydac SPANS products. The Tydac SPANS quadtree format is used by SPANS to store raster data as a matrix of variable sized square cells. This storage format results in finer cell resolution in the vicinity of boundaries and larger cell resolution where a finer resolution is not necessary. The total storage size of the data is reduced with this storage format for classified data.

The GDB library supports SPANS quadtree files for read access, and they will have the extension .MAP.

The GDB library supports SPANS quadtree files which are 8U and 16U.

Projection and georeferencing is not supported with this format.

A SPANS quadtree only contains one band.

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