SPANS Raster (RNH)

Long name SPANS Raster
Short name RNH
File extension(s) .rnh, . rnl, . lut

SPANS Raster format is the interchange format for the Tydac SPANS products. The Tydac SPANS raster format can store various raster data types including 8-bit unsigned, 16-bit signed, and 16-bit unsigned. The GDB library supports SPANS Raster format for import and export. SPANS Raster header files have the extension .RNH.

The GDB library supports SPANS Raster files which are 8U, 16U, 16S and 32R. SPANS Raster files which are 1-bit are supported as bit map segments. SPANS Raster files which are 32-bit are supported as 32R.

SPANS Raster files are supported by the LINK program. Projection and georeferencing information is supported on import and export for most projection and ellipsoid types; however, there are cases that do not translate between systems. Also, SPANS color table files (.rgb extension) can be read and written.

Export of SPANS Raster files is supported. These files are exported with a type of "RNH".

One or more bands of 8-bit, 16-bit signed or 16-bit unsigned data may be exported. 32R data is exported as 16S.

Export of a single Bitmap segment is supported.

A file with the same basename as the header (.rnh) file will be created for each band exported. These files will be assigned the same file naming convention used within the SPANS products.

Most PCI projections can be exported to SPANS Raster file. No other auxiliary information is exportable.

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