Laser-scan (LSC)

Long name Laser-Scan
Short name LSC
File extension(s) .lsc, .scd, .pal, .dti

Five of the seven types of Laser-Scan image files are supported by the GDB library. Functions exist to read, update, and create Laser-Scan files. Image update of compressed files is not possible.

There is no support for georeferencing, nor any auxiliary data other than pseudocolor tables (PCTs) with Laser-Scan files.

The supported Laser-Scan file types are:

The RLE and PackBits compressed bitmap file types (1 and 6) are not supported at this time.

The type 3 compressed pseudocolored image files use a simple run length encoding scheme. The image channel may not be updated after the initial creation. The pseudocolor table (PCT) may be stored in a related .PAL file, in which case it is available to read. If the .PAL file does not exist the pseudocolors are lost. ".PAL" files are not created on export, and thus a PCT cannot be written out with a new pseudocolored file.

Export of LaserScan files is supported. These files are exported with a type of "LSC".

Only 8-bit image channels and bitmap images may be exported.

Georeferencing, and channel descriptor information is written to a .pox file in the same directory as the laser-scan file.

The option "COMP" is used to specify compressed output. The option "PCT" is used to add a pseudocolor table.

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