LAS image format

Long name LAS 5.0
Short name LAS
File extension(s) .ddr, .img

The LAS 5.0 Image file format is supported for read access by the GDB library. The LAS format is used to store various types of geocoded image data. Typically, a LAS image will consist of several related files. The two used by the GDB library are the .ddr and .img files. The .ddr file contains header information and geocoding, while the .img file contains the actual imagery. Either file may be used to refer to the LAS image, but both must exist in the same directory with the same base name.

The GDB library supports reading and updating imagery on LAS files. In some circumstances it is also possible to read georeferencing information. In theory, any of the USGS style projections may work (only UTM has been tested). There is currently no option to export imagery in LAS format.

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