HIBR Hyperspectral Image (VQ)

Long name HIBR Hyperspectral Image
Short name VQ
File extension(s) .vq

The format for compressed hyperspectral image data Data format version 2:

Datatype                   Description
Unsigned short             Version
Unsigned short             Number of bits required to represent a
                           codebook vector index (#bits)
Unsigned short             Number of rows (#rows)
Unsigned short             Number of columns (#cloumns)
Unsigned short             Number of spectral bands (#bands)
Unsigned short             Maximum intensity to be plotted
Byte[64]                   String giving the unit for intensities
Float[#bands]              Wavelengths in microns
Unsigned short[#bands][2^#bits]            Codebofok vectors
Usigned byte-packed[#rows][#columns]       Byte-packed Index map

Byte-packed compressed data is organized as follows:

  1. The bits that represent each element are in general spread across two or more bytes in memory (exception: when the data word size equals 8 bits)
  2. The byte that contains the element's higher-order bits precedes in memory the bytes that contain the element's lower-order bits
  3. Data is packed contiguously. Higher-order bits are filled first, and lower-order bits are made available for storage of the next element.
  4. The word size of each element is between 8 and 16 inclusively

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