GXF Version 2.00

Long name GXF Version 2.00
Short name GXF
File extension(s) .gxf

GXF Version 2.00 ASCII image file format is supported for import and export by the GDB library. GXF format is a simple ASCII formatted raster. Only one channel will exist in a GXF file, therefore the format will not be used for multispectral imagery. Only uncompressed image data is supported.

Georeferencing is read and written for GXF files. Once a GXF file is read, the georeferencing units may have to be changed from "METRE" to more appropriate units.

Only image data having left to right scanlines, starting from the bottom or top of the target image (sense = 1 and sense = -1), are supported fully. If the #SENSE (orientation) value in the file is not one of these values, a warning will be issued. Use the MIRROR program to correct the orientation of unsupported #SENSE images.

Export of Geosoft Version 2.00 ASCII files is supported. These files are exported with a type of "GXF". They can only hold one channel.

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