URI encoding

Some GDB formats use URI1 connection strings, which require URL2 encoding when special characters are used. Special characters include the comma (,), colon (:), slash mark (/), left bracket ([), right bracket (]), quotation mark ("), and so on. The URI specification lists some reserved characters that also must be URL encoded.

The following table identifies the URI reserved characters:

Character Name Code
  Space +
" Quotation mark %22
# Number sign %23
$ Dollar sign %24
% Percent %25
& Ampersand %26
+ Plus sign %2B
, Comma %2C
/ Slash mark %2F
: Colon %3A
; Semicolon %3B
< Left angle bracket %3C
= Equal sign %3D
> Right angle bracket %3E
? Question mark %3F
@ At sign %40
[ Left bracket %5B
\ Backslash %5C
] Right bracket %5D
^ Caret, circumflex %5E
{ Left brace %7B
| Pipe, vertical bar, %7C
} Right brace %7D
~ Tilde %7E
1 Uniform Resource Identifier: a string of characters used to identify a resource.
2 Uniform Resource Locator: a reference to a web resource that specifies its location on a computer network and a mechanism for retrieving it.

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