Long name DigitalGlobe Data
Short name QB
Key file name (use to open data set) *.IMD
Supported file extension(s) .imd, .tif
Sensor Optical panchromatic (0.65 m at nadir) and multispectral (2.62 m at nadir)
Platform QuickBird
Data distributor DigitalGlobe

Data product name and description
Returned data
Returned file-level metadata
Returned channel-level metadata

Data product name and description

Data Product Description
Panchromatic image (1 band) Band 8 Panchromatic (405 - 1053nm)
Multispectral image (4 bands) Band 1 Blue (430 - 545nm)

Band 2 Green (466 - 620nm)

Band 3 Red (590 - 710nm)

Band 4 Near-infrared (715 - 918nm)

Processing level 1 Corrected radiometrically
Processing level 2A (Standard) Corrected radiometrically and geometrically
Processing level 3A Orthorectified

Returned data

Data Product Data Returned Details
QuickBird satellite image data Four channels for multispectral data, one channel for panchromatic data GDB retrieves four image channels for multispectral data, one channel for panchromatic data
Ephemeris data One orbit segment GDB imports ephemeris data as an orbit segment. This segment contains information about the satellite position, satellite attitude, IFOV, projection, sensor, and orbit.
RPC data One binary segment GDB imports a rational function model as a binary segment (if the data product provides this information)

Returned file-level metadata

Name Description Values
Acquisition_DateTime Dat and time that the image was acquired String
AngleOfSolarElevation Angle of solar elevation Float
SolarAzimuth Solar azimuth Float
SensorModelName Model name of the sensor that acquired the data MS, PAN
PlatformName Platform name QuickBird
FormatName Product data format GeoTIFF
ProductType Data product type 1B, 2A, 3A
RowCount Number of rows in the image Integer
ColumnCount Number of columns in the image Integer
NumberOfBands Number of bands in the image 1 or 4
SourceID Unique ID of the image source String
SpatialResolutionX Horizontal spatial resolution of the image .65 m PAN, 2.62 m MS
SpatialResolutionY Vertical spatial resolution of the image .65 m PAN, 2.62 m MS
Stereo Present in stereo imagery Stereo (stereo scenes only)

Returned channel-level metadata

Name Description Values
MinWavelength Minimum wavelength Float
MaxWavelength Maximum wavelength Float
WaveLengthUnits Wavelength units Micrometers
RadiometricTransGain Radiometric gain Float
RadiometricTransOffset Radiometric offset Float
RadiometricTransUnits Radiometric units W.m-2.sr-1.um-1


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