Long name PPM
Short name PPM
File extension(s) .ppm, .pgm, .pbm

Raw PPM, PGM, and PBM files are simple raster formats supported by the GDB library. ASCII formatted PPM, PGM, and PBM files are not supported. These files are an interchange format used by the popular "pbmplus" file interchange utilities.

PPM, PGM, and PBM files have no auxiliary information such as georeferencing, LUTs, or PCTs; however, georeferencing will be exported in a .pox file.

These formats are supported for read, write, and update. The PPM and PGM files can be accessed with the LINK program.

Export of PPM files is supported. These files are exported with a type of "PPM".

The provided data must match one of these three configurations:

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