Understanding manual tie-point collection

Used in rigorous models, such as Aerial Photography, Optical Satellite Modeling, and Radar Satellite Modeling math models, tie points identify how the images in your project relate to each other. In a project using a rational functions math model, where you have imported the polynomial coefficients distributed with the data, you can collect tie points and ground control points to compute a transformation to improve the fit between the images. You can also automate the tie point collection process, see Collecting tie points automatically.

If you have several images open, notice that one image resides in a viewer labelled Working while the others are labelled Reference. In the Tie Point Collection window, tie points are collected and displayed from only the image in the Working viewer. To switch the viewer to Working, click Reference. You can collect the same tie point in each image by clicking Reference in a viewer, collecting the tie point, and then repeating the process for each image.

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