Creating a project and selecting a math model

To create a project you must first select a math model.

A math model is a mathematical relationship that is used to correlate the pixels of an image to correct locations on the ground and account for known distortions. The math model that you choose directly affects the outcome of your project. To achieve the results that you want, you must understand what the math models do, what the math models require to produce an acceptable solution, and which math model to use with your project.

Note: If you want to create a mosaic, you need not create a project for it in OrthoEngine; that is, in the Project Information window, when you select None (mosaic only), and then click Open Mosaic Tool, OrthoEngine will open Mosaic Tool for you, in which you can create your mosaic. Alternatively, you can start Mosaic Tool from the CATALYST Professional toolbar, and then proceed to create your mosaic.

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