Scalable Solutions for Satellite Image & Analytics Providers

CATALYST helps satellite image & analytics providers build new or enhance existing data pipelines to achieve core business outcomes

Improve Quality

Over 40 years of experience and a library of +750 optical and SAR algorithms, we help you deliver sharper, and more accurate imagery and analytics.

Near Real-time Scalability

Whether you are processing 5 or 5,000,000 images, our cloud-native architecture expands and contracts in near real-time with your demand.

Control Your Costs

Our flexible subscription and consumption models deliver cost predictability, while eliminating expensive waste in your data pipeline.

Trusted Scalable Solutions for Satellite Image Providers

Get ahead of the competition

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The rapid deployment of SmallSats, super constellations and virtual ground receiving stations is creating new competition and market pressures. This is driving down prices and increasing customer expectations around quality, order latency and customer experience.

Processing Solutions for Satellite Imagery

Deliver Better Quality

Processing Solutions for Satellite Imagery

Scale Production in Near Real-time

Benefits of our Cloud-Native Processing Architecture

  • Processed 2,280 scenes in parallel on 2,280 separate cloud processing instances.
  • Completed all 2,280 scenes in 0.5 hours, 80x faster than a 3-server distributed processing system.
  • Performance benefits increase with scale, while unit costs decrease 

Processing Solutions for Satellite Imagery

Control Your Costs as You Scale

Predictable OPEX Costs And Savings

  • Expand and contract production capacity in near real-time with your demand
  • Unit costs decrease as you scale
  • Eliminate costly and timely transfers by processing next to the data. 

Our Expertise and Capabilities

Embed our over 40 years of experience and 750 algorithms into your processing chains

Image Analytics

Latest in machine learning and object-based analysis

Image Processing

Correct, enhance and normalize satellite imagery


Sub-pixel accuracy and beautiful seamless mosaics

AnAlysis Ready Data

Automated ARD algorithms and workflows


Advanced SAR and InSAR algorithms and workflows

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