Setting the accuracy values

When working on remote areas with medium-resolution georeferenced data, setting the accuracy of all the GCPs or TPs improves model stability and efficiency.

To set the accuracy values

  1. Click the Selection list, and then click one of the following, as applicable:
    • Default values: Set new default values.
    • All images: Set accuracy values for all points in project.
    • Images selected currently : Set accuracy values for points of each image selected in the Project Overview window or the Raw Image Summary Table window.
    • Images open currently: Set accuracy values for all points of each image displayed in one or more image viewers or the Collection Viewer.
    • Current working image: Set accuracy values for all points of the image designated as Working in an image viewer.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Click the Presets list, and then click a preset according to the GCPs for which you want to set the accuracy.

      After you select a preset, you can make changes to one or more of the values under GCPs, TPs, or both.

    • Under GCPs, TPs, or both, enter the value by which you want to set the accuracy of the points in the Pixel, Line, Elevation (Z), Easting (X), and Northing (Y) boxes, as applicable.
  3. Click Apply.

    The image or images are updated with the new accuracy values based on the item you selected in the Selection list.

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