Exporting tie points

You can export TPs to a text file. If necessary, you can then import the file into another OrthoEngine project.

Note: TP descriptors must be unique. That is, two or more TPs cannot share the same descriptor (ID) in a project. If you intend to import the TPs you are exporting into another project, and more than one TP has the same descriptor, OrthoEngine will prompt you to replace the existing TPs with the imported ones, or skip the duplicates. Therefore, TPs with duplicate descriptors will not be imported. You can avoid this difficulty by adding a prefix to the IDs of the TPs when you export them. Alternatively, you can add the prefix when you later import the exported TPs.

To export TPs

  1. In the Tie point file box, type the path and file name of the file that you want to export or, or to select a folder, file name, or both, click Browse.
  2. In the File format list, select a format.
  3. To change the number of decimal places used for the point coordinates in the exported text file, click Point Decimal Digits. This option is only available when the File format is TP_ID Imge P L X Y Z.
  4. To add a prefix to the TP ID number, if necessary, select the Add prefix to TP_ID check box, and then in the Prefix to add box, type the prefix you want.
  5. Click Export.

    The TPs are exported to the file you specified.

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