Convert a line layer to a point layer

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LINE2PNT generates a point layer given an input line vector layer.
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Name Type Caption Length Value range
FILI* String Input file name 1 - 192  
DBVS* Integer Input line layer 1 - 1  
FILO* String Output file name 1 - 192  
CONVMTHD String Conversion method 0 - 64 MIDPOINT | VERTICES | INTERVAL
DBSD String Output point layer description 0 - 64  
FTYPE String Output file type 0 - 4 Default: PIX
FOPTIONS String Output file options 0 - 64  
MONITOR String Monitor mode 0 - 3 ON, OFF
Default: ON

* Required parameter
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Parameter descriptions


Specifies the name of the file containing the line layer to process.


Specifies the input segment containing the lines for which a point segment will be constructed.


Specifies the output file name.


Specifies the conversion method to be used to create points.

Supported values are:


Specifies up to 64-characters descriptor of the contents or origins of the vectors.


Optionally specifies the output file format type, represented by a three- or four-letter code. The format type must be a GDB-recognized file type. If FILO specifies an existing file, FTYPE should not be specified since the existing file will be updated and its type won't be changed.

Supported file format codes include: The default value is PIX.

For a complete list of GDB-recognized file types and their codes, see GDB file formats in the Technical Reference section of the CATALYST Professional online Help.


Optionally specifies the file creation options to be applied when creating the output file. These are specific to the file format; in each case, the default of no options is allowed. FOPTIONS can be used to specify the compression schemes, file format subtypes, and other information.

Different options are available for different file types (see the FTYPE parameter). The options are described in GDB file formats in the Technical Reference section of the CATALYST Professional online Help.

For PIX format, FOPTIONS defaults to BAND.


The program progress can be monitored by printing the percentage of processing completed. A system parameter, MONITOR, controls this activity.

Available options are:

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LINE2PNT is used to create a point layer from a line layer. The input segment must be a line; this includes topological arc layers. The points can be generated using different methods which controls where exactly points are created. The attributes are copied from the source line layer to the output point layer.

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A point layer is built based on segment 28 in irvine.pix and saved to irvine.pix. The point segment will get a description of "Point Layer". The points are created by setting the CONVMTHD parameter to MIDPOINT.

EASI>FILI     = "irvine.pix"     ! input file
EASI>DBVS     = 28               ! input line layer
EASI>FILO     = "irvine.pix"     ! output file
EASI>CONVMTHD = "MIDPOINT"       ! conversion method
EASI>DBSD     = "Point Layer"    ! output segment description
EASI>FTYPE    = ""

EASI>run line2pnt

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