Yaogan 2

Long name Yaogan 2 satellite
Short name YG2
Key file name (use to open data set) *.xml
Supported file extension(s) .meta.xml, .tiff, .jpg, .rpb
Sensor Optical panchromatic (1.5 m)
Platform Yaogan-2
Data distributor Chinese Academy of Space Technology (CAST)

Data product name and description
Distribution disk files
Returned data
Returned file-level metadata

Data product name and description

Data Product Description Version
Panchromatic image (one band) Panchromatic (PAN)

Resolution: 1.5 m


Distribution disk files

File Name File Type Required Contents Details
YG2_CCD-1_*.tiff GeoTiff Yes Image data Image files
YG2_CCD-1_*.meta.xml XML Yes Metadata Metadata file
YG2_CCD-1_*.jpg Bin No Overview
YG2_CCD-1_*.rpb Text Yes RPC information
YG2_CCD-1_*.thumb.jpg Bin No Thumbnail

Returned data

Data Product Data Returned Details
YG2 - satellite image data - PAN One channel for panchromatic data. GDB retrieves one image channel for panchromatic data.
Product annotation data One text segment for product information. GDB generates a text segment for product information.
RPC data One binary segment for RPC data.
Orbit data One orbit segment for orbit data.

Returned file-level metadata

Name Description Values
PlatformName Platform name YG2-1
FormatName Product data format GeoTIFF
ProductType Data product type 1
SensorCode Sensor code PAN
RowCount Number of rows in the image Integer
ColumnCount Number of columns in the image Integer
NumberOfBands Number of bands in the image 1
SourceID Unique ID of the image source String
SpatialResolutionX Horizontal spatial resolution of the image 1.5 m
SpatialResolutionY Vertical spatial resolution of the image 1.5 m
Acquisition_DateTime Acquisition date and time of the image YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS.XXXXXXZ
SatelliteAltitude Altitude of the satellite Real
NominalLocation_Latitude Latitude of the nominal location Real
NominalLocation_Latitude Longitude of the nominal location Real

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