KOMPSAT-2 in DIMAP format

Long name Digital Image Map
Short name DIM
File extension(s) .tif
Sensor Panchromatic and Multispectral Camera (MSC)
Platform KOMPSAT-2 (Korean Multipurpose Satellite)
Data distributor Korea Aerospace Research Institute

Data product name and version
Distribution disk files
Returned data
Returned file level metadata

Data product name and version

Name Description Version
K2_1G_PAN Kompsat-2 level 1G panchromatic imagery First version
K2_1G_MS Kompsat-2 level 1G multispectral imagery First version
K2_1R_PAN Kompsat-2 level 1R panchromatic imagery First version
K2_1R_MS Kompsat-2 level 1R multispectral imagery First version

Distribution disk files

File name File type Required Contents
Image file GEOTIFF Yes Image data
Metadata file XML Yes Metadata profile that includes the name of the image file, the name of the strip file, and the name of the RPC file
Strip data information file XML Yes Contains ephemeris data and satellite attitudes data
RPC information file XML Yes Contains rational function model data
Preview file JPEG Yes Low-resolution preview of the image file

Important notes to the user:

The GDB support of KOMPSAT2 DIMAP data products is "read-only".

K2DIM data sets can be distributed on CD or DVD. On disk, the data is organized in a special directory structure. GDB uses this directory structure and the file names to identify the data product type. Therefore, to preserve compatibility with GDB, the directory structure and file names must not be altered when the data is copied over to another location from the CD or DVD.

To open a KOMPSAT-2 DIMAP data set, select the metadata file (K2DIMAP.xml).

Returned data

Data product Data returned Details
K2DIM image data Four raster channels

The MSC multispectral image contains a green band, a blue band, an alpha band, and a red band.

K2DIM image data One raster channel Contains the MSC panchromatic image
Ephemeris data One orbit segment GDB imports ephemeris data as an orbit segment. This segment contains information about the satellite position, satellite attitude, IFOV, projection, sensor, and orbit.
RPC data One binary segment GDB imports a Rational Function model as a binary segment.
General information and metadata Text segment The K2DIMAP data product also includes a text file that contains general information. GDB imports this data as a text segment.

Returned file level metadata

Name Description Values
MD_ColumnCount Number of pixels per line Integer
MD_RowCount Number of lines per image Integer
MD_NumberOfBands Number of bands per data set Integer
MD_PlatformName Satellite platform name KOMPSAT2
MD_SensorType Sensor type PAN or MSC
MD_SensorModelName Sensor model name PAN or MS
MD_AlongTrack_Angle Along track angle Float
MD_AcrossTrack_Angle Across track angle Float
MD_SatelliteAltitude Satellite altitude Float
MD_IncidenceAngle Incidence angle Float
MD_SourceID Source ID String
MD_Acquisition_Date Acquisition Date String (YYMMDD)
MD_Acquisition_Time Acquisition Time String (UTC Center Time, Hhmmss)
MD_ProductType Product type String
MD_FormatName Format name DIMAP
MD_SpatialResolutionX Spatial resolution x Float
MD_SpatialResolutionY Spatial resolution y Float
MD_SatPositions Satellite positions

Array of float data with the following format:


  • x, y, z are location
  • xl, yl, zl are velocity
MD_SatAttitudes Satellite attitudes

Array of float data with the following format:


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