GAV introduction

GAV is a Generic ASCII Vector format that allows you to define and use a database of vectors stored in an ASCII text file. The GAV format supports vector point data, as well as attribute (or table) data. It does not support files having more than one point definition per line. GAV is a GDB supported format.

A GAV database is specified using the following syntax:

    data_file [schema_file]

where, data_file refers to the name of the text file containing the vector data, and the optional schema_file refers to the name of a second text file defining how the vector data is laid out in the data file. The schema file will most likely have to be created by the user.

Note: The schema file is optional only if it has the same basename as the data file, it has a ".gav" extension, and it is located in the same directory as the data file.


A GAV database with a data file named "data.txt" and a schema file named "schema.gav" is specified as follows:


A GAV database with a data file named "xyz.txt" and a schema file named "xyz.gav" can be specified in either one of the following ways:


If the data file or the schema file are not located in the working directory, the files must be specified with full paths.

/usr/fred/data.txt,/usr/fred/schema.gav        (Unix)
c:\home\fred\data.txt,c:\home\fred\schema.gav  (Windows)

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