X Window Dump (XWD)

Long name X Window Dump
Short name XWD
File extension(s) .xwd

Pseudocolored, grayscale, and RGB X Window dump files are supported by the GDB library. This is a format generated by the widely available xwd program, which is available on many Unix workstations, for capturing screen dumps.

X Window Dump files will have one or three image channels, and may contain a PCT or three LUTs, depending on the configuration. X Window dump files do not contain any georeferencing information, nor do they contain any fields describing the data. X Window Dump files can be created using the "New" menu selection in Works programs.

Export of X Window Dump files is supported. These files are exported with a type of "XWD".

The file must have either one, or three channels. The creation option value of "NOLUT" may be used to suppress the generation of LUT segments (for 3 channel files), or a PCT segment (for 1 channel files). Georeferencing and metadata are saved in a .pox file, but this will only be used by other PCI applications.

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