Long name WorldMap
Short name WMP
File extension(s) .bsq, .bsf.w, rh, lkp

WorldMap is an image format originating in the former Soviet Union. Data is distributed in the United States by JEBCO. The example files provided by JEBCO are 1 band, and the assumption is that all WorldMap files are 1 band.

WorldMap files are supported for reading and updating imagery. It is also possible to LINK to WorldMap files. No georeferencing or other auxiliary information is supported for WorldMap files. It is also not possible to create WorldMap files.

WorldMap scenes consist of a number of related files, including a header file which must have the extension .rh, and the raw imagery file which must have an extension of .bsq or .bsf.w. Any of these three files may be selected to access the WorldMap image.

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