VISTA image (IIS)

Long name IIS (VISTA/PRISM) Raster
Short name IIS
File extension(s) .image, .tgz, .hdf

The image format for the VISTA software (from the company once known as International Imaging Systems, or "I squared S") is supported by GDB for read only access. VISTA image files normally have the extension .image. The International Imaging Systems PRISM software also uses this same format.

Only the 8-bit unsigned, 16-bit unsigned, and 32-bit real image data types are supported. VISTA auxiliary files with graphics (vectors), LUTs, GCPs and other information are not supported at all.

An attempt is made to read the projection definition from the image file. VISTA files can have zero or more user coordinate systems (UCSes). GDB will only read the first, and ignore the rest. The UCS generally has a user supplied name, but there is no easy way to relate this to a world projection, so all UCSes are treated as plain meters, and the names are discarded.

Because VISTA files employ a tiled organization, it is not possible to establish a raw format link to them.

An unusual feature of the VISTA file translator, it the ability to create PCI binary segments on them, for writing satellite models into.

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