Long name UNIDSK-VMS
Short name UNI
File extension(s) .uni

UNIDSK-VMS image files are partially supported by the GDB library. UNIDSK-VMS is a file format used primarily by the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing (CCRS) and related facilities. It is related to the original UNIDSK format, which was replaced by PCIDSK several years ago.

UNIDSK-VMS is supported for read and update access, but new UNIDSK-VMS files cannot be created. No georeferencing, nor auxiliary information is extracted from UNIDSK-VMS files.

Only 8-bit BIL, 16-bit BIL, 8-bit BSQ, and 16-bit BSQ UNIDSK-VMS files are currently supported (only 8-bit BIL has been tested). There are no programs specifically for reading or writing UNIDSK-VMS files, but LINK does support this format.

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