UK National Transfer Format (NTF)

Long name NTF 2.0
Short name NTF
File extension(s) .ntf

The GDB library supports, for import, most NTF 2.0 format files provided by the Ordnance Survey in the United Kingdom. All Ordnance Survey data provided in 1994 and thereafter will be in NTF 2.0 format. Earlier formats are not guaranteed to work.

The Land-Line, Oscar, 1:625000 Topographic, 1:250000 Topographic, 1:50000 Contour and 1:50000 DTM, and 1:10000 Profile DTM products are supported; however, some structures may be lost with some of these formats. Boundary-Line files are not supported. All of these formats are vector, with the exception of the DTM files which are raster height fields constructed from contour information.

There are a variety of attributes that can be extracted with vector data; however, there is only one Attribute field per structure in the PCIDSK vector segment. To get around this limitation, NTF files are represented as having two segments. Each contains the same vectors, but with different attributes. Segment 1 of an NTF vector file will contain vectors with the feature code number as the attribute. The second segment will contain vectors with the value as the attribute.

Coordinate referencing system

All georeferenced information for NTF files is in the UK's National Grid projection, which is a type of Transverse Mercator. The GDB library will represent vector and raster data with the appropriate TM projection characteristics:

There is no support for updating, or writing NTF files, nor can the DTM files be LINKed to.

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