Targa raster file (TGA)

Long name TARGA
Short name TGA
File extension(s) .tga

Two forms of Targa raster files are currently supported: uncompressed True-Color, and Black & White formats. Color-mapped images and any run-length encoded images are not supported at this time.

For Targa True-Color files, 16, 24, and 32-bit images are all supported. A True-Color file will appear as a three channel file; each file will contain either the Red, Green, or Blue component of the color image. Black & White Targa files will appear as a file with a single channel.

Export of Targa files is supported. These files are exported with a type of "TGA".

The type of Targa file created is dependent on the number of channels specified.

No georeferencing information is exported with the Targa raster file.

Only True-Color, and Black & White images are supported for write operations. The GDB layer will only output True-Color 24-bit files, which require as input three 8-bit channels. If a single channel is to be written out, the output will be a black and white Targa file.

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