Long name SpotView 4.0
Short name SPV
File extension(s) .bil, .hdr, .rep, .clr, .blw, .flt

The SPOTView GIS-GEOSPOT image format is a GIS ready image product distribution format used by Spot Image. The GDB library supports the SPOTView 4.0 format now being distributed by some Spot Image distributor. The software has also been successfully used with some SPOTView 1.5 format data sets and ElViz (16 bit elevation product) data sets.

The SPOTView distribution format includes a number of auxiliary files organized in two levels of directories. In each subdirectory there should be one or more files ending in the extension .BIL, .REP and .HDR. The .HDR file contains georeferencing and structural information while the .BIL file contains just image data. The user must select the .BIL file in order to access the data set.

Georeferencing information is handled for some projections; however, due to limitations in the available documentation, some Spot Image supported projections are not currently fully supported.

If the .clr file is present for an 8 bit image, then the values are read in to a PCT segment for the image.

Creation of SPOTView format is supported. The one option for export is WORLD. Specifying the WORLD option creates an ESRI World File containing the georeferencing. The default export adds georeferencing to the .hdr file.

If a PCT segment is selected for export, then a .clr file is created.

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