SPANS vector archive (VEH)

Long name SPANS ASCII Vectors
Short name VEH
File extension(s) .vec, .veh, .tba

The GDB library supports the SPANS Archive format for both read and writ e operations. The SPANS archive format consists of two files that have a common basename, and .VEC and .VEH extensions. The VEC file contains the actual data, whereas the VEH is the header file and describes the contents of the VEC file. In addition, there may be a .TBA file which contains the attribute records associated with the VEC/VEH file.

All data sections are supported for read operations; any corresponding TBA file will also be read in.

Export of SPANS Vector Archive files is supported. These files are exported with a type of "VEH".

Only one layer can be specified for export. A .VEC and .VEH file will be produced containing an ARC layer. Any attributes associated with the layer will be written out as a corresponding .TBA file.

Only ARCS data sections are written to the VEC file. This vector file is written out in ARC format, without topology, and composed of unclean lines. Any attributes associated with the arcs will be written out to the corresponding .TBA file.

If the exported layer is of type WHOLE_POLYGONS, the SPANS VEC file will contain areas represented as whole polygons. This is specified in the VEC file with the AREAS keyword. Any attributes associated with the areas will also be written out to the corresponding .TBA file.

SPANS Vector files may not be modified.

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