SPANS table file (TBA)

Long name SPANS ASCII Table
Short name TBA
File extension(s) .vec, .veh, .tba

TBA is a database (attribute table) format associated with Spans VEC/VEH files or is a SPANS point data set containing both coordinate data and attributes. It is supported for import and export by the GDB library.

If the TBA file is a point layer, the georeferencing system information will be imported or exported from the TBA file.

TBA files are associated with VEC/VEH files and need not be directly read or written. Reading in a VEC/VEH file with an associated .tba file will read in the .tba file automatically. Similarly, writing out vectors to VEC/VEH format will produce a .tba file for the attributes.

Export of SPANS table files is supported. These files are exported with a type of TBA.

Only one vector layer can be specified for export. A single TBA file will be created containing the attributes of the vector layer. All data types are supported except for integer lists. No vertex data is supported by this format. To export attribute and vector data, use the VEC/VEH format.

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