Long name SeaWIFS L1A Data Format
Short name SWF
File extension(s) .swf

The GDB library supports the SeaWIFS level 1A HDF format distributed by NASA for read access on selected platforms.

The SeaWIFS HDF translation is implemented using NCSA/NASA support libraries.

A variety of header information about the scene location, and acquisition date, orbit, and acquisition parameters is captured as metadata. All SeaWIFS related metadata names start with "Seawifs_".

For example:

       Seawifs_OrbitNumber: 78853
       Seawifs_StartNode: Descending

When FIMPORT is applied to SeaWIFS data, a GCP segment containing up to 255 GCPs is created. Level 1A files are not geocorrected so no projection definition is available, but the GCPs can be used with OrthoEngine to do an approximate correction.

There is no support for updating or writing the NASA SeaWIFS format.

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