SDTS DEM - Spatial Data Transfer Standard Digital Elevation Model (DDF)

Long name SDTS Catalog Directory Files
Short name DDF
File extension(s) .ddf

SDTS is The Spatial Data Transfer Standard. The purpose of the SDTS is to promote and facilitate the transfer of digital spatial data between dissimilar computer systems, while preserving information meaning and minimizing the need for information external to the transfer.

The data set of SDTS typically consists of a master directory and a data directory. Under these directory is a list of .ddf file which are Binary file and contain the data we need. They must be kept together in same directory in order to be accessed. To load these data, it is best to select the file with "CATD.DDF", but if any other file in the directory is selected, it will be opened properly.

The SDTS TVP & DEM format are supported by the GDB library for import and view, but not for export.

Many vector layers are used to display the proper SDTS Module. Mainly there are four Layer types: Point Layer, Line Layer, Polygon Layer and Attribute Layer. In each layer, there are two types of attributes which can occur. The first are hardcoded attributes specific to the feature type, and the second are generic user attributes stored in a separate primary attribute layer.

THE SDTS DEM is either a single 16 bit signed integer band or a single 32 bit real valued band.

Georeferencing information is supported also.

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