Raw binary image format

Long name Raw Image (user described)
Short name RAW
File extension(s) .raw, .aux

The GDB library has a facility for reading and writing imagery in user described raw files. Some applications include interactive dialogs for describing the layout of the data. This description is then saved to a .pox file in the same directory as the raw data, allowing automatic use of the same file in the future without redescribing it.

Users can also prepare .pox files by hand, or with scripts. Furthermore, much of the image layout information that can be provided in the .pox file can also be supplied via a complex file naming convention if so desired.

Export of Raw Binary files is supported. These files are exported with a type of "RAW".

The default image interleaving is band sequential, but this can be overridden with the following option values during creation:

Georeferencing (or Projection), and file layout information will be written to an auxiliary file, which has the same name as the data file including the extension with the extra extension ".pox". For example test.xyz has a .pox file or test.xyz.pox.'.

The generated files may contain any image data types, but may not contain LUTs, PCTs, vectors, or bitmaps.

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