Long name PAMAP GIS Map
Short name GDA
File extension(s) .hdr, .rfl, .vfl, .dfl, .rpt, .key

A PAMAP database typically consists of four files which must be kept together in same directory in order to be accessed. The .HDR file contains georeferencing information, PCTs, and LUTs. The .RFL file contains the raster data. The .VFL file contains vector data. The .DFL file contains attribute data.

PAMAP files are supported for import, and export, but not for live linking.

The GDB model prohibits the creation of new PCTs and LUTs even though the PAMAP file format could support it. The model also prohibits the creation of multiresolution raster layers within a single database even though the PAMAP format could support it.

The following subtopics describe the limitations for each data type in more detail.

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