OTHG vector file (TXT)

Long name OTH-Gold Vector File
Short name TXT
File extension(s) .txt

The OTHT Gold formatted product is designed to conform to the Canadian Department of National Defence ITG MTF standard format. The OTHT contact report format allows for reporting significantly more information than that which is available from the analysis of spaceborne SAR images. The OFW OTHT Gold format product is therefore a simplified version of the complete product. The product consists of a message header, the message body and a message termination sequence. The fields in a message set are separated by field markers (/). Fields are categorised as mandatory and optional. If there is no information for a specific fields, it may be omitted, although the field delimiters must be retained. Each line can be maximum 69 characters long. Fields can not be split between lines.

The OFW target detection message body in OTHT Gold format is a contact report that consists of a minimum of two lines of data. The first line is used to identify the contact, and starts with the identifier CTC. The following line is used to indicate a contact's position, time of position and other relevant information about the track. This line starts with POS as an identifier. In the OFW implementation, the probability of a target being a ship, the wake quality and course and speed are provided in comment or remark lines. These lines are identified with the sequence RMKS in the first field of the line.

Georeferencing information is supported also.

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