OSCAR vector file (NTFO)

Long name NTF Oscar
Short name NTFO
File extension(s) .ntf

The OSCAR product family are supplied as vector data, in a "link and node" structure where links are road centerlines and nodes are intersections of links with attributes attached to each feature. Each road is classified by means of a feature code, with unique identifiers to enable you to create consistent references between releases of OSCAR.The links within OSCAR Traffic-Manager, OSCAR Route-Manager, and OSCAR Network-Manager have all been filtered thereby reducing data quantities while retaining a realistic representation of the road network. The retention of the nodes in true National Grid position ensures a high level of physical precision within the roadway

OSCAR (NTF 2.0,level 3) file are supported by the GDB library for import and view.Two vector layers may be used to display NTF file's two data set:
  1. point
  2. line

Structure of features

The structure of each different feature is as follows:

1. Points feature consist of:
. a Point Record [POINTREC] 15;
. a Geometry Record [GEOMETRY1] 21;
. an associated Attribute Record [ATTREC] 14.
2. Lines feature consist of:
. a Line Record [LINEREC] 23;
. a Geometry Record [GEOMETRY1] 21;
. and maybe one or more Continuation Records[CONTREC] 00 to extend
   the Geometry Record.
. an associated Attribute Record [ATTREC] 14.

Coordinate referencing system

The eastings {X_COORD} and northings {Y_COORD} are separate fields and therefore coordinate pairs can be split across records, although the integrity of the fields themselves are not compromised. All coordinates are measured from the local origin, which is the south-west corner of the tile. To convert coordinate data to full National Grid coordinates, add the coordinates of the feature to those of the SW corner of the tile. The SW corner coordinates are contained within the {X_ORIG} and {Y_ORIG} fields of the Section Header Record [SECHREC].

See UK National Transfer Format (NTF) for information on georeferencing.

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