Ordnance survey: AddressPoint (NTFA)

Long name NTF Address Point
Short name NTFA
File extension(s) .ntf

ADDRESS-POINT version 2.0 is an Ordnance Survey data product that provides a National Grid coordinate and a unique reference for each postal address in Great Britain. ADDRESS-POINT are supported by the GDB library for import and view. BaseData.


. The correct postal address which will allow users to address
  mail properly as required by Royal Mail.
. A National Grid reference which will enable users to locate
  precisely the geographical position of the address and relate
  it directly to Ordnance Survey Land-Line's data.
. An Ordnance Survey ADDRESS-POINT reference (OSAPR)
  which gives a unique reference code for every delivery point.
. A status flag, which indicates the seed type, positional
  quality, physical status and the address match status applied
  to each delivery point.
. Change indicators to classify and record update.
. A source currency indicator to record the currency of the
  Royal Mail Postcode Address File (PAF).

Section Header Record [SECHREC]

This mandatory record starts a section. It contains information and parameters essential for understanding, interpreting and processing some of the fields within the data. It establishes the unit of measure for X and Y coordinates, origins and other constants.

Point Record [POINTREC]

This contains a feature serial number which is unique within any one section. It also details the change type and change date for a delivery point.

Geometry Record [GEOMETRY1]

This record contains the coordinate position of the delivery point identified in the previous Point Record. Attribute Record [ATTREC] The Attribute Record gives the attributes of the delivery point, for example the OSAPR, building number, thoroughfare name, post town name, postcode and status flag. This logical record will normally have one or more continuation records to transfer all the attribute information.

See UK National Transfer Format (NTF) for information on georeferencing.

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